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Below are just a few testimonials from my clients:

Jennie is truly fantastic. During each session she provided me with constant updates and always asked what I would like to discuss. A number of techniques were used during the sessions, no sessions were the same. Jennie is a fantastic listener, I feel I would not be where I am without her expertise.

A true credit to her profession.

An amazing person who saved my life! Thank you!

Jennie recognised I was severely depressed and helped and supported me through CBT therapy, she understood what problems I had and taught me how to deal with them. I would recommend Jennie to anyone who has the same problems I have.

Nervous at first as I didn't know what to expect. Jennie was fantastic. She made me feel at ease and understood my issues. Would highly recommend Jennie to anyone that is unsure of CBT.

You've stopped me dwelling on things that have happened in the past, you've taught me tools on how to overcome it and that has made such a difference.

I wish I had done this years ago. The techniques would have helped in countless difficult situations. I am far more comfortable in my own skin. Thank you.

I already know how CBT has worked for our son many years ago in 2001, so had no hesitation in using this therapy when I was told I had anxiety by my GP. I would recommend Jennie and have already passed on her details to another person.

I found Jennie to be a fantastic and very good therapist, her listening skills, and her ability to understand my personal issues. I would like to thank Jennie for all her help, support and guidance over the past 2 months. I feel I am on the road to recovery. Thank you Jennie.

From start to finish my treatment with Jennie has been 1st class. Jennie is extremely professional, shows great empathy and understanding. Throughout my treatment, Jennie supplied me with helpful tools and information which made me understand why and how my situation could change and improve for the better. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jennie to others and she will be my first point of contact in the future should I need help. Jennie kept me focused on the future and didn't allow me to dwell on the past which had happened with other therapists. I have finished my therapy feeling happy, more confident and more like my old self. Many of my friends and colleagues have commented on how much brighter and happier I now am. Thanks Jennie

Professional, competent therapist. Would highly recommend and use in the future.

I used to feel the dread of coping with work and home situations, I now feel safe and at peace with myself. I now have no skeletons that I cannot cope with. I didn't think I could get so much out of it. I can only thank Jennie Stark for a new me!

Very helpful, felt very relaxed, it helped me much quicker than I thought was possible and my life has been improved because of this.

Jennie was always professional, very comfortable room. She was very good at expanding what I found difficult to understand, she genuinely cared. I am grateful to her for helping me to challenge and change some of my thoughts and reasonings. I felt Jennie was excellent at her role. Thank you.

I was extremely nervous about beginning CBT but it's been the best experience and it's changed who I am for the better by giving me ways to cope, which is all thanks to Jennie.

This service has really helped me. I have improved so much since I started. I was able to combat my fears of driving and I now know what I need to do to continue improving.

I couldn't rate her enough! From when I came in she made me feel at ease and that everything will be ok. I will miss the chats as she is such a wonderful caring person that has supported me through a vulnerable time. It was an honour having her as my therapist and if I needed help in the future I hope she will be there again for me.

Jennie was extremely helpful and I felt 100% listened to at all times. Her approach really allowed me to progress quickly with homework being key.

I always felt understood and Jennie never made me feel stupid which meant I could be open and honest. Jennie has a calm and trustworthy approach which builds confidence.

To be completely candid when I first saw Jennie I was suicidal. I sought her assistance when my mental health problems spiralled out of control after my marriage ended. Her guidance and help have be nothing short of transformational as I write this now, unburdened by any thoughts or contemplations of ending my life. I had seen several practitioners prior to her and not been satisfied with the service. Jennie was extremely professional, took the time to perform a thorough assessment and perhaps most importantly, provided me with reassurance that we would face and overcome this together. Feeling like you're tackling a challenge as a team is a huge relief in its own right and along the way Jennie empowered me with strategies to reach a stage where I could independently self-manage my mind. I would highly recommend her without hesitation.

Going through an experience that has changed your life dramatically is never easy with someone you do not know. From my first session I felt able to express my emotions and open up to Jennie. If I ever know of someone who would benefit from CBT, I would not hesitate to send them her way.

I approached Jennie in a very upset condition. After feeling disappointed in multiple GP's attitudes and feeling counselling was of little help. I needed a pro-active approach to my therapy. Jennie provided that. Jennie is very patient and rational, whilst listening or explaining matters. She creates a kind and safe atmosphere and clearly cares for her work and considers patients needs.

Jennie has never given me the impression my thoughts were 'stupid.' Though the reality of a situation is pointed out or discussed. This is never done in a be-littling way and I have not felt patronised or chastised for a belief. Jennie will however challenge or question beliefs and ideas. This is what I needed to change my patterns and develop a new outlook.

I couldn't recommend Jennie enough! I probably wouldn't be here now without her help and I certainly wouldn't have the feelings of happiness and contentment without Jennie's therapy.

Thank you so much.

She is very gentle in her method of treatment and understanding, everything was explained simply and clearly.

Provided lots of information that explained things better for me to understand.

Very positive. Helped a lot in context of getting over the accident and mentally dealing with it.

Jennie has helped me significantly, I had previously had CBT therapy but was not successful. Jennie has opened my eyes and mind into my behaviours and the rules I had and has helped me work through them. I now realise I am a strong/independent person and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Jennie.

This experience has helped me deal with my anxiety and I feel I can now go on and improve my experiences as a passenger with the tools Jennie has given me.

Jennie Stark helped me get back to being my normal self, she understood my needs and helped me put my bad experience behind me, I would definitely pass her details on to who ever needs it.

Jennie helped me tremendously getting my anxiety under control. She understands and listens to what you have been through. Very helpful throughout. You realise things that you wouldn't have thought of.

Absolutely fantastic, sorted my head out and got me well back on track with my life. Thank you, you're brilliant at this!

Jennie was incredibly helpful with my situation and tailored the therapy to my needs

Very helpful and has made a lasting impact on me.

There is stigma around therapy and is almost labelled as a bad thing. From my experience it's helped me navigate around a difficult time in my past which had paved the way I lived my life. You get what you put in and if you approach each session with an open mind you will achieve the outcome you desired.

Jennie was very professional and immediately made me feel comfortable

Very effective, knowledgeable and approachable therapist

I would recommend treatment by Jennie Stark 100%. She is really helpful and nice person and she helped me understand my problem.

Jennie's work has guided me to overcome and process years of trauma. I have left therapy knowing I have the right tools to protect my mental health. I can't recommend Jennie enough, she has helped turn my life around.

Treatment has worked brilliantly for me. I felt comfortable in opening up about my issues and found the Jennie's approach to the situation worked very well. I would definately recommend Jennie in the future.