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How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions can vary and is based on your individual need, but generally the length of treatment is between 6 and 20 sessions.

What will happen in my first session?

Our first meeting is about gathering information on the difficulties you are experiencing and is quite a structured session. It gives you the opportunity to meet me and for us to talk about how CBT will work in addressing the difficulties you are experiencing.
Questionnaires are used at every session to monitor progress and generally these are completed before the session to make the most of the time we have.

What happens after my first session?

The next few treatment sessions will be about getting a better understanding of the difficulties you are experiencing and discussing what you want to gain from the therapy. We will also look at potentially where the problem has come from and what is keeping the problem going for you.

The subsequent sessions will be all about breaking the cycle of the problem and looking at new ways of thinking and behaving, and most importantly, putting these in to practice.

At the end of each session we'll discuss what work may need to be completed before the next session, to help you put in to practice what we've discussed. It may also be beneficial for this to be recorded and sheets will be provided to enable you to do this. One of the benefits of making records is you will be able to track the progress you have made over the time you have been in treatment and it will hopefully be something you can turn to if you ever experienced the problem again in the future.

What will happen at the end of my treatment?

We'll prepare you for the end of your treatment by going through relapse prevention tools. These tools look at what skills have been helpful over the course of the treatment, how to maintain the progress made and how to prevent a setback in the future. This will help to ensure your problems don't return.